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Most asked question - what model is my ford ranger?

It didn't take long for us to decide what the most asked question we receive is, and it's understandable with so many model years, changes and nicknames thrown around. We'll be focusing on the Ford Ranger models from the 2011 release onwards.

The first thing most people notice is that when they look for parts for their Ford Ranger there is a 'T' designation; normally Ranger T6, Ranger T7, Ranger T8. This bit can upset the purists so let's get it out the way first. Ford created a completely new Ranger for release in mid 2011, this was codenamed the T6. This is where the 'T' designations most likely came from. That is all well and good, except in 2015 there was a redesign and it became known as the T7, this was not a Ford name as far as we know and many people are quick to point out that all models, up to and including the current model, are in fact a T6 as the platform is largely the same. The later redesign would then become known as the T8.

The vast majority of people, us included, are happy to use the T6, T7, T8 terms as it creates a quick and easy way to distinguish between models.

2011-2015 Ford Ranger (T6)

Modified black Ford Ranger (T6) 2011-2015 Model

The Ford Ranger (T6) was launched in mid 2011 with a choice of 2.2 and 3.2 diesel engines in the UK and a variety of trim levels such as XLT, Limited and Wildtrak.

This model was manufactured up until a facelifted version was introduced in 2015. This change during 2015 often causes confusion, as we have seen 2016 registered vehicles being this older post facelift model, with owners becoming confused as to what parts fit.

Modified blue Ford Ranger (T7) 2015-2019

2015-2019 Ford Ranger (T7)

The front end is the biggest visual difference between this model and the earlier one. Slimmer headlights with a redesigned grille and bumper set the two models apart. Again available with similar 4 cylinder 2.2 engines and 5 cylinder 3.2 engine.

In a similar way to the above confusion, we have seen early models with '65' plate registrations, adding to the confusion.

2019+ Ford Ranger (T8)

The 2019 redesign was a lot more subtle than the previous. The headlights although different internally are the same shape, and it's the same with the grille. The Wildtrak model here is a little easier to spot as it has a very different front bumper with noticeably different fog lights. The other models (Thunder, XLT, Limited etc) do not have this and are harder to spot.

That's a brief run down of the differences between the models, we hope it helps but if not then just send over a pic of your truck to us at and we will be able to help you out.

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