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The Best Hubcentric wheel spacers for pickup trucks

Wheel spacers are perhaps one of the most economical, and helpful aftermarket modifications you can carry out on your pickup truck. From increasing your vehicle's stopping power, giving it a more satisfying and aggressive stance, to improving its mechanical performance and allowing you to fit a more expansive range of tyres and wheels.

Black 50mm Hubcentric wheel spacers from Brute Status

At Brute Status, we offer our own range of hubcentric wheel spacers that are not only reasonably priced but also over engineered from 6061 T6 grade alloy for the spacers and 10.9 grade studs, for peace of mind. Furthermore, you can get 35mm and 50mm wheel spacers for Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Mercedes X-Class, Mitsubishi L200, Fiat Fullback and Isuzu Dmax. We are constantly adding more spacers to our line up and soon will include 50mm spacers for most trucks, as well as spacers for Toyota Hilux and VW Amarok.

There are several reasons you would want to fit hub-centric wheel spacers on your pickup truck. We want to discuss a few of these below:

Fit Different Tyres and Wheels

Fiat Full back fitted with off road wheels and tyres and hub centric spacers by Brute Status

Alloy wheel spacers are vital if you desire to fit bigger wheels and/or tyres. They make all the difference between a visually pleasing modified truck and an ugly-looking off-roader. Make sure to determine your truck’s accurate wheel spacer fitment before buying, and you will be able to customise wheels and tyres in numerous ways. If you need any advise regarding wheel or tyre fitment then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to offer advice.

They Look Aesthetically Pleasing

White Ford Ranger off road on hill with Brute Status hub centric wheel spacers

Perhaps, the top reason why motorists use wheel spacers is the immediate aesthetic change they render. You will quickly notice an enhanced appearance as both the alloy wheels and tyres sit further outwards, delivering a more solid and muscular attitude.

If you have already fitted wide wheel arch extensions, a wheel spacer addition is a great add-on to ensure your existing wheel setup does look lost

For instance, when you install a 35mm Hubcentric wheel spacer in your Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Mercedes X-Class, Mitsubishi L200 or other pick-up truck, you will immediately notice the extra width and the visual dominance that results.

They will add 70mm total track width to your vehicle.

Better Stopping Power

As a wheel spacer pushes the wheel further out from the wheel arch, it allows you to install a bigger, more powerful brake. A bigger brake set-up for all wheels means a massive bump in stopping power. If you are into a high-performance racing game, we highly suggest you install Hubcentric wheel spacers.

Enhanced Mechanical Performance and Handling

Brute Status 35mm hubcentric wheel spacers fitted to L200 brake drum

Apart from giving your truck a much meaner look, the alloy wheel spacers would also enhance your vehicle's mechanical performance and handling. As the larger wheels go further out of the wheel arches, they offer a better grip on the road, increasing traction and stability.

Should You Go For Hubcentric or Non-Hubcentric (lug-centric) Wheels Spacers?

Brute Status 35mm hub centric wheel spacers fitted to L200 brake drum

At Brute Status, we offer only Hubcentric wheel spacers as they fit comfortably against the hub to provide support together with the wheel lugs. This ensures that the wheels are perfectly centred on to the hub and that the forces from the wheels are evenly distributed to the hub.

On the other hand, lug-centric wheels are centred only by the lug studs. The wheels, and the forces generated whilst driving, are not directed through the hub as the wheel spacer has no contact with the hub. Instead all the load is passed through the wheel studs. This is far from ideal and we would not advise the use of such spacers. Further, it is common for this style of spacer to cause vibration due to the above mentioned mounting deficiencies.

Check out all our range of pick-up parts by heading over to our online shop HERE.

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