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Our bonnet vents are a really easy to install way to change the look of your truck with little cost.  These bonnet vents attach with 3M adhesive tape and create an agressive look.


  • Made from high quality impact resistant plastic
  • Straight forward and reversible fitting
  • No drilling to your truck for fitment
  • 3M Adhesive tape for easy and long last installation
  • Smooth black finish looks great
  • Includes everything needed to install (please note: no instructions)


This bonnet scoop is intended for fitment to 2012-2022 models.  Please see our images or get in touch with us to check compatibility with your truck.


IMPORTANT NOTE - do not attempt to install during cold weather.  The 3M tape needs to be warm and soft for optimal adhesive.  We would advise heating both the adhesive tape and your bodywork for perfect fitment. 

Ford Ranger 2012-2022 Bonnet Vents

  • For more information regarding returns, cancellations or shipping outside of the UK, please visit our policies page.

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