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This heavy duty load bay cargo bar has a large diameter galvanised tubular section that is easily adjustable with only one movement.  Unlike other types, this cargo bar does not require adjustment at the ends via a screw motion.   Simply unlatch the heavy duty cast centre mounted racthet mechanism, and when the lever is released the pressure is removed.   


When the mechanism isn't locked in to place the width is freely adjustable to fit all typical pick-up and van sizes.  Pull each side of the bar to the rough width of the vehicle and engage the mechanism, as the lever is enagaged the mechanism extends the width of the bar pushing the rubber end pads outwards and securing the bar as firmly as is required before the locking system secures the bar in to place. 


Very quick and very strong, there is no better cargo bar available!


  • Adjusts in seconds to varying widths
  • Galvanised for longevity and harsh working environments
  • Strong and grippy rubberised end pads can be used on a variety of surfaces (plastic, metal etc)
  • Unique ratchet system ensures safe and secure installation with ease
  • Locking mechanism and toothed pressure drive ensure the cargo bar cannot come loose

Load Bay Cargo Bar

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