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We are very happy to offer our new premium tonneau cover for Wildtrak models of the Ford Ranger which feature the rear sports bar.    With a novel tri fold design our load bed covers improve upon many others that are currently on the market.


Practical not just in covering up and securing your load bed but also by providing an increase in fuel consumption due to improved aerodynamics.


  • Straight forward installation
  • UV stable vinyl is premium quality, thicker so it is more durable and will last longer in both hot and cold climates (see images)
  • Rubber seals around perimeter (as opposed to foam) for better resistance to water ingress and longevity
  • Stronger concealed corner strengthening
  • Shaped cross bars to clear water from sitting on the cover
  • Smaller/tighter corners for a smarter aesthetic
  • Permenant rear securing catch is aluminium and not plastic for longevity
  • Thicker and stronger plastic buckle
  • Reduced stitch length results in more stitches and therefore more strength and longevity
  • Thicker aluminium cross bars for increased strenght and rigidity (1.4mm versus a typical 1.0mm)


As you can see we have worked hard to improve almost all aspects of our tonneau covers to provide a higher quality product that will last.


Please note this tonneau cover will fit Wildtrack models with the 'sports bar.'   It also may be unsuitable for some types of roll bars.  Due to the placement of the 'sports bar', this cover cannot be secured in fully open position. 

Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger Double Cab (Wildtrak Model Only)

  • For more information regarding returns, cancellations or shipping outside of the UK, please visit our policies page.

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