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Up to 30% more HP and torque

RaceChip performance optimisation unlocks up to 30 % more power


Engine warranty included

Thanks to the comprehensive engine warranty you and your ride are protected


Safe and Reliable

Manufacturers protection mechanisms remain functional, plus additional RaceChip Engine Protection System


Up to 15% fuel saving

The significant increase in torque enables earlier shifts which leads to less consumption


Smartphone & Bluetooth Connectivity

Customize your vehicle's performance characteristics like never before with smartphone control via the RaceChip app


Plug & Play

Easily reversible installation with plug and play connectors takes 15-20 mins on average to install


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What we're about

 We're about providing you with a broad range of products to individualise, express and be different.  We also throw in some functional goodness here and there because we understand that trucks are for working.

We're constantly on the hunt for new products that look great or improve functionality, so be sure to check back occasionally.

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