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RaceChip S is the base chip


  • Increased Performace
  • Up to 10% fuel savings
  • 5 Fine tuning settings


Welcome to RaceChip, the next level of quality for plug in, reversible tuning technology, from Germany.


Quick and easy to install these units represent the highest quality of anything available in this sector.  


The tuning, or remapping, of your vehicle is a very delicate and precise process.  Done incorrectly, like many of the cheap tuning boxes available on the internet, can end in disaterous consquences such as blown turbos or even total engine failure. This is often becuase these chips are mass produced and simply alter fuel and/or boost settings for a set figure for all engines.


Every RaceChip tuning box is engine specific, where the changes to your engine parameters have been maticulously programmed for the best performance when you need it, economy when you dont, and safe operating - always.   


In addition to engine specific software tuning your RaceChip hardware is vehicle specific for a quick and simple installation (i.e. plug and play connectors) and also includes easy to follow instructions.


RaceChip S is the base model 

  • Increased Performace
  • Up to 10% fuel savings
  • 5 Fine tuning settings


In the box:

  • - RaceChip S
  • - Wiring kit for your engine
  • - Stock plug
  • - Fitting instructions
  • - Cable ties


 If you want a higher level of performance and protection, then check out our other listings for RaceChip RS and GTS.  These come with more power and longer engine warranties.  No other company can offer this!



Amarok 2.0 BiTDi 180 RaceChip S Tuning Box +17 BHP +75 NM

  • For more information regarding returns, cancellations or shipping outside of the UK, please visit our policies page.

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